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Our robots assemble doses so OTP nurses can save lives.

ZING is the first robotic methadone dose assembly system.
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Saving time. Improving lives. Making an impact.

Nurses are the heartbeat of opioid treatment programs (OTPs). From labor shortages to burnout, nurses spend more time assembling doses than taking care of people, which puts the OTP service delivery model at risk.

“It has been shown that when there is low nursing staff turnover, the patients they care for do better. Nurses are magical. They have the perfect combination of compassion and clinical skills, and often, they are the reason that patients show up for treatment.”

– Amber Norbeck, Founder, OPiO
ZING is the nurse’s workhorse.

Methasoft™, the market leader in OTP software, is the first to integrate with ZING. This integration—a powerful combination of hardware, software, and robotics— performs dose assembly at rapid speed.


ZING is a robotic assembly system that connects to a clinic’s existing methadone pump.


A nurse sends an order to ZING from the OTP software dosing screen.


ZING facilitates dose assembly for each order.


The complete order is placed on a delivery tray for the nurse.


ZING can receive orders from multiple workstations, and nurses can monitor the status of the orders using the queue.


Dosing nurses can focus on patients while ZING assembles doses with speed and accuracy. Methasoft maintains the record keeping.

ZING performs speedy, precise, and hands-free dose assembly, so nurses can focus on what matters most—the person in front of them.


Reduces the risk of human error.


Assembles doses at rapid speed.


Enables OTPs to reimagine their workflow.

Learn how ZING robots help OTPs to optimize resources and empower nurses.

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